Wouldn’t you like to pay less tax this year?

tax saving

Of course you would!


But did you know that reducing your tax liability is as simple as making a donation to Operation Smile?

As a registered non-profit and public beneficiary organisation, we’ll issue you with a Section 18A Certificate that allows you claim back from SARS. If you’re a South African tax payer, you could cut your taxable income by as much as 10%. All completely legal and above board!

Plus, if you’re trying to be a better person this year – and who didn’t put that on their list of New Year Resolutions? – you’ll smash that goal at the same time.

cleft lipBecause, really, what could possibly beat being the kind of person who helps a child in need? Not just any child – but one born with a cleft condition that, without treatment, could affect them both physically and mentally for the rest of their lives!

Wouldn’t you rather spend R500, R1000 or R5000 helping to provide life-changing surgery and giving a child a beautiful, new smile than handing your cash over to the taxman?


But you’ll have to act quickly. You only have until the end of February to make that donation and claim your rebate. Best to do it right now.

Because even though there are 29 days to go, look what happened to January 2024. Almost over already!

Thank you for caring.

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