Mother’s Day: 14 May


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Mother's Day Wish
Mother's Day Wish

Are you looking for a unique and meaningful way to honour your mom (or her memory) this Mother’s Day?

If she’s like most mothers, the things that mean the most to her aren’t ‘things’.


They’re hopes and dreams and unconditional love … not only for her own children. But for all children. Seeing a child – any child – smiling and happy fills her heart with gladness.


That’s why making a donation to Operation Smile in her name is such a unique and meaningful Mother’s Day gift.


More than flowers or chocolates, your gift will last long after Mother’s Day is over. It will help give a child with a cleft lip or palate a brand new smile. And give another mom hope of a better life for her child.


Little Remata was born with a cleft lip and palate. And even though her mother, Mariana, knew surgery was possible, there are no medical facilities in the rural village where they live. But she refused to give up on her child. She worked hard, gathering firewood  and carrying water for her neighbours, until finally she’d saved enough to take Remata on the 3-hour bus ride to the city in search of medical help.


Five times, mother and daughter made the journey. And five times they returned with heavy hearts. Doctors said Ramata was too anemic or underweight to undergo surgery. Even if she had been healthy enough, Mariana faced another insurmountable hurdle – the cost of the operation.


Still she refused to give up hope. And her determination was rewarded when she learned about Operation Smile. She couldn’t believe that the surgeries Ramata needed would be free!


When Mariana saw her daughter for the first time after her surgery, she was overjoyed. At last Remata could have the life her mother had always dreamed of for her. A mother’s hope and love for her child had prevailed.


Mother's Day CardPlease help another mother’s dreams for her child come true.

Make a donation in honour of your own mom, and we’ll email her this card to let her know of your thoughtful gift.


Make your gift even more meaningful by watching this heartwarming video together – and feeling the power of Mariana’s determination to give her child a better life. Thanks to people like you, dreams can come true!



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Put the life-changing power of your support to work – and give a child a new smile in honour of your Mom.


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