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Little Nzulu was born last November with bilateral cleft lip and palate. That means both sides of his mouth are affected. Despite the shock of seeing their baby’s condition, his parents, Sinazo and Thandisizwe, have so much love for their little boy!

But, sadly, love is not enough.

Reconstructive surgery is hugely expensive and not readily available in Bizana, the small, rural town where the family lives.

Fortunately, our Patient Coordinator visited the town just after Nzulu was born. And the little family was given the best possible news – that Operation Smile could provide free, safe surgery!

But of course, specialised cleft surgery is only free because wonderful, caring people partner with us to cover the cost.


… Dedicated medical professionals, who give freely of their time and skills … Hospitals that allow us to use their facilities over weekends …

… And kind people like you, who donate towards essential medical supplies and equipment.

Please give another child like Nzulu the gift of a beautiful new smile that lasts forever.

Use the form on this page to make your donation now. And give yourself the joy of helping a child.


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