Life changing journey for two little sisters


When we first met Vaviroa and Nambina on our medical mission to Tamatave, Madagascar, the little sisters hid shyly behind their parents. Years of bullying taught these young girls that the world didn’t want to see their smiles.

Both children were born with cleft. And their parents knew they would suffer deeply their entire lives. Social ostracism, bullying, even physical pain lay in store. But these girls had never even been to see a doctor. Having to pay for not one, but two surgeries was out of the question.

However, all that changed when Vaviroa and Nambina both received surgeries to fix their clefts — thanks to generous people like you.

As we prepare to go back to Madagascar this week, we hope you’ll take a moment to watch the inspiring video below about these brave sisters and their incredible journey.


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