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Be part of our life-changing team


Like Dr Shetil, you have the power to help give a child a beautiful new smile


Calm and soft-spoken, she’s the embodiment of grace under fire. As a paediatrician, she’s driven to help children … all children. And those born with a cleft lip and/or cleft palate have a special place in her heart.

“It can be incredibly challenging and difficult for both the child and the parents,” says Shetil. “There can be feeding and speech difficulties. And it can be visually distressing. As part of the Operation Smile team, we do our best to help these children as much as we can.”

Shetil vividly remembers the first time she joined the Operation Smile Team earlier this year, performing life-changing surgery to correct children’s cleft conditions.

“I was awed by the consideration, dedication and care that each child and family received,” she says. “It was a humbling experience, and I hope to be part of many more experiences like that.”

But surgical programmes are expensive. There are many costs – medical, transport, logistics. And while our volunteer medical professionals give freely of their time and skills, donations from others who care … people like you … are also vitally important.

Please be there in spirit, with Dr Shetil and the rest of the Operation Smile Team, during our next surgical programme. Join in by donating now, and be an integral part of our life-changing team.


Like Shetil, you have the power to help give a child a beautiful new smile. But it’s only possible when we all join together  – and everyone plays their part.


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